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I can’t wait until tomorrow because I actually have a free evening and can get an early night.

I got paid today and I already have -£64 left.


And I live at home… Oh dear.

Most of my friends know how busy I am and that I rarely get a day off, and they understand that. They know that even if I see them only once a month that it doesn’t mean our friendship has changed in any way, but I have this one friend who cannot handle the fact that I am busy, one week goes without contact and she kicks off at me saying I am ignoring her?! Don’t really need this right now.

For example, tonight I am seeing my dad, tomorrow I will go to the gym at 6am, work all day, then I have slimming world, get home about half 7, have tea, get my stuff ready and then I have an early night. Thursday I work all day, come home, have tea then work until 2am, Friday I see my boyfriend, usually I see my dad but he’s away, then this weekend I am attending/working Sundown Festival and unless people give me notice that they are free and want to hang out, I will book shifts, I will plan things. I am not one for sitting around, I like to keep busy and have plans. Sometimes I like having a day to myself. This friend is also recently single as well and seems to want me to go out EVERY weekend, and I don’t have the money to be wasting it on nights out when I would rather be at home.

I got this card through the post saying good luck, and that I will be a great mother from some online baby club (some joker’s obviously ordered it, knowing I hate children – FUNNY) so me and my boyfriend put it on his mantelpiece and his mum found it and his stepdad and they were so happy and we had to tell them it was a joke, I actually feel a bit bad now.


in the future if my kids tell me that they are gay i’ll just be like “what” because i don’t plan on having any kids so how the hell did they get there



if my husband doesnt tear up when im walking down the aisle im turning the fuck around 

my husband definitely will because he’s gonna have to put up with me for the rest of his life and that’s enough to make anybody cry

Worked the norwich Ipswich game yesterday and despite being so scary it was awesome.